Shirts are included with tickets purchased before May, 31, 2018, and individual sales will be available after the design is set.

Greetings Northern Exposure Fans!
It’s time to channel your inner modern artist Chris Stevens, or perhaps your inner paint-by-numbers, Holling Vincouer and submit your design for the Official Moosefest 2018 t-shirt. 

Designs should be submitted to info@moosefest.org in the form of a .tif, .jpg or .eps. For larger file sizes, email us for a drop box address.

Deadline for submissions is Sunday April 15, 11:59 pm Pacific Time. Designs will be posted online after that for voting.|

The words “Moosefest 2018” must be part of your design. We may have to edit the color(s) to accommodate screen printing.

The winning entry gets two free t-shirts and your name in lights (at least online) and at least 15 minutes of fame. The winning design becomes the property of Moosefest.

We have a very few official t-shirts left from past fests. Please email info@moosefest.org to inquire about availability and sizes.

All designs (except for 2012) are also available to order on Cafepress (with proceeds benefitting future Moosefests and charity fundraising).

2012 shirts were hand made
by Roslyn Rags,
a tie-dye shop in Roslyn,
so every shirt is unique!

2010 CafePress store

2008 CafePress store

2005 CafePress store