Moosefest 2015


Thank you to everyone who participated in Moosefest 2015. Historically, it was our most attended Moosefest with about 220 fans. It also was our most internationally attended fest with fans representing Norway, Ireland, UK, Italy, Germany, Australia and Canada. It was really cool to meet all of our far-flung fans.

A big thank you to our special guests who attended Moosefest this year. Barry Corbin was literally between projects and flew up to meet us for the weekend. Darren and Melinda Burrows were rock stars, driving straight through from their home in Missouri to attend. Chuck Greywolf , Harry Pringle, and Bill White also helped bring Cicely to life for the weekend with their stories.

Thank you also to those who took some time out from family vacations, filming projects and their busy lives to talk with us on the phone: Diane Delano, Rob Morrow, John Cullum, Don McManus, Adam Arkin and Cynthia Geary. (Note: audio versions of the phone interviews will be available soon. We’ll let you know!)

Moosefest is run by the non-profit group, Friends of Roslyn. Income from the fest, mostly from the silent and live auctions, and the quilt raffle, go back to Roslyn area charities. This year you helped us raise about $6000 to donate to: ARRF animal rescue, who are about to break ground on a shelter in Roslyn and whose members and friends, cooked and served our Spaghetti dinner on Friday night ; the Roslyn Outdoor School, a project of Rtown community that teaches kids in an outdoor environment, getting them back to nature ; the Roslyn Library (who provided us with all the scripts) ; and the Roslyn Historical Museum, who not only has a great collection of local Roslyn history, but has also kept some great items from Northern Exposure .

Finally, a huge thank you to Emilie Schantz and the Newell Rubbermaid company for their generous donation of Sharpies and supplies. We were able to share these with the groups we donated to, as well as have the supplies for a great Moosefest.

We have some additional scripts available. These are original and were provided to the mayor during filming. We also have a few leftover “official” t-shirts (with “25th Anniversary” on the back), as well as some official tote bags. Watch for all of these on ebay (all funds go back into the non-profit FOR, to go towards future Moosefest donations).

Pictures are being posted on – please post yours to share.

We would love to hear about your experiences, including feedaback on where you stayed, ate, shopped etc. Note we have no control over the other businesses in the area but it helps us to know for future fests. Email us

Thank you everyone! Our next gathering is an informal Moosefest in Roslyn July 29-31, 2016. (Informal means no paid events or celebrities, except for a few loyal, local ones). Our next formal big Moosefest is to be determined. As always, keep an eye on as well as Facebook page for more information and updates.

Antlers Up!

Moosefest Committee