Support Moosefest


Putting on Moosefest is a labor of love for the Moosefest Committee. We do it because we have a special love for the show and the fans that appreciate the show. We would get together every summer in Roslyn, even without a Moosefest, to enjoy each other’s company (and we have).

But with a Moosefest, we get to meet new friends that share our love of this show, and to deepen our knowledge and appreciation of the show.

So what’s the biggest support you can give to Moosefest? Come to Moosefest!! When you register for Moosefest, you help cover our fixed costs (like the hall rental) and provide more income to bring more Northern Exposure stars to Moosefest. So why not register now?

There are other ways to support Moosefest too:

Purchase Northern Exposure merchandise on

Make a tax-deductible donation to Friends of Roslyn which sponsors Moosefest.

Donate Northern Exposure and related items to the Moosefest Auction. May be tax-deductable! Contact us for more info.