Moosefest Committee


Moosefest is put on by a committee of dedicated volunteer fans from across the United States. Most of us have been involved in running the annual summer festival since a fan-run festival benefitting Roslyn charities was started in 1999.

 Barbara – Chicago, Illinois: I somehow missed the first episode when NX began airing–I had read about it and knew I would love it–but I never missed another one. It was the first TV show I had ever been a total fanatic about. I once described the NX experience as “For one hour each week, I feel at home on this planet.” I have attended all the Moosefests (and those of different names) and have helped out on all the fan-run fests. I am also the proud owner of one of the jackets Maggie wore in some episodes (including the scene in which she gave her “empowerment” speech).
 Candace – Austin, Texas: I had been hearing ads about this show as a summer replacement and was curious to see what it would be like. Needless to say I was hooked from the start and never missed an episode. In 2004 and 2005 I donated a quilt to be raffled. I have attended the last 2 informal Moosefests as well. I also went to my first Moosefest alone but I met the friendliest, warmest people and wasn’t alone for long. I have been involved with planning since 2004.
 Gary & Annette – Sequim, Washington: (as told by Gary) I started watching re-runs of NX on A&E in 1997. I was hooked instantly, and It became my one hour each day of getting together with friends. I attended a Moosefest in Roslyn and when the fans started to run it, I offered my help. It’s great to get together with friends from all walks of life to celebrate something that means so much to each of us. Annette and I met at our ’09 High School Reunion when I asked her to dance. That started it all. I invited her to Moosefest lite the next weekend and she agreed to attend. She fell in love with N.X. (all over again), Moosefest, and me (not in that order). She fit right in and we married in 2011. She has been part of the “Cicely Family” ever since. Sharpen your N.X. trivia knowledge because on the walking tour of Roslyn, I will be testing you. Please come join the Cicely Family at Moosefest.
 Jerrilynn (Moosechick) – Denver, Colorado: Northern Exposure hooked me when I saw my first episode, 1.8 Aurora Borealis, while vacationing in Alaska. From then on, Monday 9 pm, everything was set aside for one hour of “Cicely therapy”. My first visit to Roslyn was in August 1995, just after the last episode aired. In 1997, I attended the first big moosefest after reading about it in the online newsgroups. It was a major leap of faith going by myself to meet up with a bunch of strangers from the Internet (although many I had already “met” online and upon meeting in person, realized how much we already knew each other). After attending the 1998 festival, I helped form the fan-based group that has been the core planning committee for fan festivals since 1999. Since then I have only missed attending one festival and continue to be an active planner. If I could be a Northern Exposure character, I would be Shelly for her innocent, cheery outlook on the world.
 Kathy – Eden Prairie, Minnesota: Was a fan from the beginning here in Minnesota when the show started but then my husband and I moved to Mukilteo, Washington for a job promotion. My saving grace was driving up to Roslyn to wander, watch the show being filmed and be adopted (kinda!) by some very kind people who became my Roslyn family. I am so thankful to have found kindred spirits to share my passion with regarding Northern Exposure! I have attended all but one festival and helped in various ways on planning them all.
 Kurt – Bellevue, Washington: I have been an avid Northern Exposure fan since channel surfing one evening just in time to see an upright grand piano flying through the air. I remember going crazy in 1995 trying to watch it or tape it, and CBS kept pre-empting or moving it! When I got online and found out about the 1998 summer gathering, I just had to go (since I only live an hour away). It was so great to meet other fans that were so much fun to be around! I have attended every summer gathering since 1998 (now called Moosefest). I have been involved in running the gathering since 1999, when a fan group started putting it on.
 Marie – Rosemount, Minnesota: I watched the first episode in 1990 and was hooked…forever, it seems. Northern Exposure has changed my life. I first came to Roslyn in the summer of 1997 and have returned every summer since…eleven years! I am the chief table decorator for the Saturday night dinners
   Mary – Alexandria, Virginia: It’s never too late to become a NX fan or a resident of the Cicely, Alaska state of mind. I never watched the show when it was originally on the air; I ran across it while browsing for something to add to my Netflix queue. Soon, I was watching 4 episodes a night, hooked on the brilliant writing, the warmth of the cast, and the way the motley residents of Cicely took care of each other. I attended Moosefest in 2008 and found NX fans to be the nicest bunch of people you can imagine. In 2010 I did everything I could to help out and am thrilled to be the newest member of the Moosefest committee.
 Stacy – Jackson, Mississippi: I started watching NX during the third season, while I was in grad school. I was homesick, and Cicely became a home away from home. My first Moosefest was 2002, and I started helping with the planning in 2004.