The Northern Exposure fan festival is currently undergoing remodeling.

The next planned gathering for Northern Exposure fans will be the Informal Moosefest, July 29 to 31, 2022 in Roslyn, Washington (if pandemic conditions permit).

Informal Moosefest means there are no scheduled events, celebrities, nor registration fee. It is basically a "hang out together" weekend. Usually 15 to 30 people show up. Everyone is welcome! The activities usually include: hanging out, talking, going out to dinner, watching some episodes, visiting some filming sites, and other stuff that organically arises from the collective unconscious.

If you come to Roslyn that weekend, there will be flyer on the Post Office bulletin board. Call that number, and we'll get you connected with us.

The Moosefest Committee has not decided when (or if) we will do another formal Moosefest with events and actors. We'll just see where The Quest leads us ...

To be informed of future Moosefest events, subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to:

For questions, you can email us: info (at) moosefest (dot) org.